White Stag to publish my poem in Volume III, Issue II!

Look for “Seven Lines of Perfectly Natural Events” in White Stag’s #Neogoddesses issue (Volume III, Issue II) coming out in a few months. More details here:


Anthology of New Women & Non-Binary Voices of the themes we’ve published so rich & inspirational. We rely on various perspectives to educate & broaden our views of the world through the kaleidoscope of writers’ imaginations & experiences. We plan to remain strong to this belief & welcome all writers to submit, although we will NOT tolerate any hate or discrimination against a person/group of people, cruelty toward animals, or any womanizing what-so-ever.

Woman in language & meaning is not solely based on one ideal, but a series of ever growing movements within the modern woman:continuing the fight for transgender & gay equality, women’s rights, non-discrimination, & turning archaic ideals of a woman’s place, sexuality, & body around on their foundations. A woman is not defined by her body. A woman is not defined by her birth. A woman is not defined by another man [nor woman], nor is a person of female voice or identification defined as a woman. Women have built new foundations to define themselves individually, while coming together to verse their collective power in politics, literature, & the entertainment industry.

White Stag wants work from self-identified women as well as non-binary writers. We want to highlight work by people detached from the “male scope”; poetry, prose, & creative non-fiction that provides a lens into the various dimensions of women & non-binary people in the current world, from the micro to the macro level (whatever that may be for you). There is no specific theme in terms of content, but we want strong voices, voices that will tattoo their words onto our readers’ skulls, memories that will both haunt & elevate our being. Send us work with powerful, transformative language that will enlighten & heighten the “average woman” as nothing less than extraordinary.

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